Here’s How Hellboy Will Be Rising From The Dead And Why You Will Love It

Although Hellboy was not like Iron Man or Spider-Man, the hero always had a charm that made him a fan favorite for over a decade and a half. Fans of Hellboy were disappointed to hear that the third film of the hero was axed. The superhero’s last two films had cult followings, even though they may not have performed as well as other movies of the same genre. Fortunately, fans do no have to be disappointed for long as major news for the character was revealed.

Here's How Hellboy Will Be Rising From The Dead And Why You Will Love It

Hellboy creator Mike Mignola recently shared on his Facebook page that a reboot was in the works and that it would finally be following its source materials theme by becoming an R-rated venture. The film will be directed by Neil Marshall, who has directed both Game Of Thrones and The Descent and will star Stranger Things actor David Harbor.


Hellboy has always had an r-rated content in the comics, and the new trend of R-rated superhero films seems to be the perfect timing for the hero to have a reboot.

The Guillermo Del Toro directed films had constraints of becoming too graphic as the studios had refrained from being too volatile with their hero. Since the changing of the film trends and audience preferences, many heroes that had been constrained in the past have new chances to be fully developed into the potentials they have. So trend Wolverine and Deadpool!

The choice of director in Marshall also sees a shift in the direction, since Del toro was known for his more fantastical shots and sets to Marshall whose past films have a more realistic feel. His association with Game Of Thrones alone proves that he will not deter from the graphic parts of the film. The past two films have brought out an underdog which fans rooted to see succeed, which hopefully will still be seen in this new venture.

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Here’s Why Prometheus Is The Deadliest Villain On Arrow [WTF]


We are fast approaching the finale of Arrow season 5, and the tone of the season reminded us of the debut season. The world built was much simpler, the story was grounded, flashback scenes grittier and villain more relatable. The big villain of season 5 has been Prometheus (D.A. Chase) and he doesn’t have supernatural or magical powers, which in a sense a major “callback” to the first season when Dark Archer/Malcolm Merlyn was the big villain attempting to wipe out the entire area called “Glades” off the map of Starling city through a sinister “Undertaking”.


In comics, Prometheus saw his parents (who were criminals) gunned down by police. He vowed to destroy any kind of justice, found stolen money stashed away by his parents, travelled the world in order to train from terrorists and African mercenaries.

He was part of Lex Luthor Injustice gang and was defeated by the Batman. He has a supercomputer attached to his body, Batman deactivated it, Martian Manhunter sent his mind on a psychological loop but was later killed, he escaped and went on a superhero killing spree. He had a part in Star city bombing which caused millions of deaths including Roy Harper’s daughter. Finally, Green arrow gets revenge on him by shooting him right through his head with an arrow.

In the show, Prometheus has now reached to Oliver’s son William, the knowledge of which would send Oliver to his breaking point. There is strong speculation that Team Arrow is set to go for an all-out war against Prometheus which is the proof that he is the most dangerous and terrifying villain of all seasons.

In fact, Oliver Queen is expected to seek assistance from Slade Wilson a.k.a Deathstroke, Black Siren, and Nysa Al Ghul to take down one man.

Well, technically he also has the support of Talia Al Ghul. She trained both Oliver & Prometheus in Russia but decided to throw in her weight behind Adrian’s crusade against Oliver who killed his father Justin Clayborn in cold blood.

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Here’s Why Deadpool 2 Will Kick Some Serious Ass


Ryan Reynolds starrer Deadpool’s global box office collections crossed $800 million marks while the cost of production was less than $60 million, making it the most successful superhero movie in the entire X-men franchise. Such an incredible showing at the global box-office paved the way for a sequel, further the studio has expressed its intent in creating a vibrant Deadpool franchise.

The entire team of the original movie is coming back, from Blind-Al to Vanessa, the driver, Colossus, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead will be reprising their roles. Cable is in the mix, he is the time-travelling son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor (a clone of Jean Grey) who was trained to be the warrior in the future. Moreover, Domino (mercenary turned X-Men) has been confirmed by the makers. Both of these can play an anti-hero in order to balance the scales to Deadpool’s “happy go murdery” persona.

In a recent interview with THR, Rhett Reese (script-writer) pointed out that if we want to compete with MCU or DCEU, the tone of the Deadpool movies need to be ‘sillier’ and ‘edgier’ as that really worked for the first movie.  He said –

“I think what we stumbled into was a new tone, and I haven’t seen Logan, so it’s tough to say if they have it, but I think we hope to have our own universe that is defined less by characters and timelines and things like that and more by tone. The hope is Deadpool 2 and X-Force and future movies all be this new, consistent, sillier tone. More self-aware tone. And edgier and rated-R tone. We want to be establishing the universe but also focusing on each individual movie and not worrying too much about building a larger threat to the world or a larger plot machination.”

Hoping for a cracker of a Deadpool movie. Till now it seems the sequel has hit the right notes to become a blockbuster.  

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10 Fantastic Speedsters On The Flash TV Show

ddThe Flash TV series is one of the most exciting shows in the superhero genre, as the show has entered into the multi-verse territory, alternative timelines, parallel universes etc. The best part about it is the host of speedsters that it has featured on the show.

Barry Allen (The Flash)

He is a son of Henry and Nora Allen who became a superhero “The Flash”. He was struck by lightning at the time of particle accelerator explosion and gained superspeed powers.

Wally West

He was born to Rudolf and Mary West. He was always looked down upon by his parents, bullied by his brother. He is the successor to Barry Allen. He was given Flash costume by Barry, who trained him and took him under his wing as “Kid Flash”. On TV, he is borne out of Philosopher’s Stone held by Alchemy.

Jesse Quick

Jesse Quick is an alter-ego of Jesse Chambers, an extraordinary woman with super-speed powers. She is part of a multi-generational superhero family. She is the daughter of Golden Age superheroes – Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle. She is not a natural speedster like Zoom or Barry Allen, she derives her super speed powers through a special formula. She also has the gift to fly and she is blessed to have her mother’s qualities like sonic vibrations, superior hand to hand combat abilities apart from super speed-force. On TV show, she got exposed to radiation during particle accelerator explosion.

Professor Zoom & Zoom

Professor Zoom is different from Zoom, former is the classic version of “Reverse Flash” who was the villain in times of Barry Allen, but when Wally West became Flash, villain changed to Zoom. Both moves across different worlds and timelines. One played the big baddie in season 1, the other one in season 2 of the show.


He is a self-proclaimed God of Speed and a loose version of Black Racer from Geoff Johns latest Flash Rebirth. He first became a thing during Mark Wade’s run. He started off like Max Mercury/Johnny Quick who got stuck in a speed force in the past and then he was brought into the present day. He is a Wally West era villain which explains the presence of Kid Flash. He is not just a powerful speedster, he can create special force fields, transfer kinetic energy at will to anything around him and create a geo-kinesis/earth-bending effect. He is also a master of psychological torture.

Jay Garrick

He is the Flash of Earth-3 and a doppelganger of Henry Allen (Barry Allen’s father).


In comics, she was a Lex Corp speedster who could switch on & off her powers. On TV show, she was born out of Velocity 9 drug but her body flew apart as it wasn’t sustainable.

The Rival/Edward Clariss

He was first introduced in 1949 Flash Comics, Issue #104, he was the Reverse Flash of Jay Garrick’s Golden Age era. He is the nemesis of Kid Flash during the Flashpoint timeline.

Black Flash

He is literally the agent of death, as he carries speedsters and returns them to their source i.e speed force. In the comics, Wally West defeated him by racing to the end of time where death is meaningless. He isn’t really a villain, in fact, Barry Allen has once taken up the mantle of Black Flash in the comics.

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A Major Marvel Superhero Joined Forces With Captain America To Destroy S.H.I.E.L.D


Captain America has always been one of the most revered, principled and loved superhero of all times across the comic-book universe. Shockingly, Captain America was suggested to be a mole or traitor in the new Marvel comics titled Captain America: Steve Rogers # 1 created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby who brought the character to life 75 years ago. He is shown to be a sleeping member of Hydra. Elisa Sinclair, who spends her time helping the poor of New York, rescued the young Steve Rogers from his abusive father. Elisa is shown as a member the HYDRA Society in the 1920s, and she insists Steve Rogers and his mother join HYDRA as well.

In the Captain America: Steve Rogers # 2, Marvel revealed the mystery behind the entire conspiracy, apparently, Red Skull used the cosmic cube to implant the false memories inside Steve Roger’s head to make him think he is HYDRA agent. But it was further revealed that the previous reality-warping was undone and Steve Rogers was always a loyal member of HYDRA from the start.

captain america

In the recent issue Captain America: Steve Rogers # 15, we saw Red Skull and Steve back and forth in their power struggle from the days of World War II. Before Red Skull could do anything, Steve Rogers pushed him off the window, killing him and claiming control of entire H.Y.D.R.A.

Fans are wondering where was Agent Coulson when all this was going down. Well, he was chasing leads and found hidden Chitauri nest kept by Steve Rogers as he knew aliens would attack the Earth. He immediately put Cap under surveillance and launched an investigation. But before he could do anything, he found his communications jammed, S.H.I.E.L.D Agents cut off from colleagues and none other than Deadpool fired at his signature ride.

We don’t know why Deadpool would do such a thing. For that, we need to wait for the arrival of Deadpool#31 to understand the motivations and objectives of such a vicious attack.

6 Alternate Versions of X-Men You Never Knew About


Stan Lee and Jack Kirby have created several iconic characters including Marvel’s most distinct group of mutants. Traversing throughout several generations, the group has always brought good stories for its fans. With various alternate realities and diverging timelines, their stories have brought several time-travelling stories by bringing several versions of the mutants in the comic book world. The group has gone through alternate realities. Here we bring you six best versions of X-Men.

 1) Ultimate X-Men

Several titles like Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four and the Avengers were launched during the Marvel’s The Ultimate Universe with some modern changes. Miller out a new spin on the characters, which would probably be fading off in future. The characters’ impression was kind of limited. Miller worked with Adam Kubert and decided to make changes for a new generation keeping the same elements in the group for old fans who love X-Men.

2) X-Babies

Created by Chris Claremont and Art Adams, X-Babies made their first appearance in Uncanny X-Men Annual #12. They were used as the clones of it under the leadership of villain Mojo. They were primarily used to boost the entertainment of Mojoverse citizens. Not only that, Mojo used it to control X-Men. Well, the baby version of X-Men was able to stand equivalent to its adult version.

3) Uncanny X-Force

Created by Rick Remender and Jerome Opena, Uncanny X-Force is a crazy group of Wolverine, Deadpool, Psylocke, Fantomex, and Archangel. It is one the badass teams of mutants and is a bit humorous because of Merc With The Mouth. The illustration is beautiful and Wolverine appears to be in the lead as it is always mean to do.

4) Astonishing X-Men

Joss Whedon and John Cassaday are two of the most brilliant and funniest storytellers in the comic book world. The Astonishing X-Men is a different take on iconic X-Men group. It included new members like Kavita Rao and Ord and the overall impression of the storyline is quite giant than the other alternate versions. 

5) X-Factor Vol. Three

The reinvention of X-Factor series of the 90s is way different than any other X-book the comic book lovers have read. This one reopens the X-Factor investigations and you will see some faces and some characters being depowered. Peter David has always executed the actions of characters well in his stories.

6) House of M

House of M is one of the most adventurous X-book stories which affected the mutants of the comic book world than Age of Apocalypse. The story focuses on the Scarlet Witch’s reality powers, which bring some tension among other X-Men members.

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8 Worthy Superheroes Who Have Picked Thor’s Hammer


Thor is one of the captivating superheroes who is popularly known for his super-powered hammer, Mjolnir, which does not allow other superheroes to have its powers. Well, in a couple of years, few of them have managed to pick the magical Mjolnir hammer. So without any further ado, we bring you eight superheroes who have lifted the super-heavy and powerful hammer in the comics.

1. Black Widow


Black Widow might be one of the underrated members of the Avengers, she managed to pick up Thor’s hammer in ‘What If Age of Ultron’ when he was dead, ended up having the powers of the god.

2. Vision

In The Avengers: Age of Ultron, he casually handed Mjolnir to The Thor like it was not a big deal. This scene was part of the movie to show his importance. Many criticized the moment saying it was wasted.

3. Awesome Andy

Awesome Andy is one of the characters to be obscured in this list. But due to his noble beliefs and powers, he was able to pick up the hammer. After The Thor possessed the power of who he is now,  Andy used the hammer to combat against the Mad Thinker.

4. Superman

Well Marvel and DC brought a crossover deal by bringing Justice League of America and The Avengers. Superman used the hammer to defeat one of the villains. After that, he was not able to pick it and gave it to The Thor.

5. Deadpool

Deadpool is one of the popular heroes and has gain traction from his 2016 Deadpool film. Well, most the fans are not aware that Deadpool lifted the hammer of The Thor. Thor’s evil brother Loki manipulated the story by the making Mjolnir invisible. Later, Loki creates another fake hammer to create confusion and then Deadpool picked it up.

6) Hulk

Hulk and Red Hulk have been known to deliver some action-filled comics. In one of the instances, he went along with the momentum of Thor’s hammer. Due to his strong strength, Hulk was able to pull Thor’s hammer during a face-off with Thanos.

7) Loki

Brother of God of Thunder, Thor, Loki has always messed up with him and he has gone to unexpected lengths to wield Mjolnir. After turning into the God of Heroism and Truth, Loki becomes worthy of wielding the hammer in Inversion’s event.

8) Captain America

In ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’, when all the Avengers sit together for a party and then everyone, other than Thor, tries to hang on to hold Mjolnir. The only time when God of Thunder gets serious is when Captain America slightly shakes the hammer. In one of the comic book stories, Captain America wielded the hammer after his shield was broken in a fight.

Who else can lift the god-like hammer of The Thor? Sound off down below.

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A Major Marvel Character Will Appear in GOTG But Not In Infinity War


One of these days, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will have to rope in ‘Adam Warlock’ to its extensive roster of heroes. The franchise will soon dive deep into the world of cosmic superheroes as Avengers: Infinity War plans to pit the MCU’s line-up against Thanos, the Mad Titan. However, if the intergalactic tyrant wants to complete his collection of Infinity Stones, it seems like Adam Warlock will need to be brought in. After all, the powerful character does wield one of the gems in the comics – but fans shouldn’t expect Marvel Studios to rush the character’s debut.


No, according to the president of Marvel Studios, fans won’t get to see Adam Warlock appear in Avengers: Infinity War.

In an interview, Kevin Feige said James Gunn is already developing Adam Warlock’s character. Gunn then stepped in to clarify, saying that the hero was not being made for Avengers: Infinity War

“He’s not. He’s not in Infinity War. But he will be a part of the future Marvel cosmic universe and a pretty important part of that,” Gunn said.

Neither of the creatives could confirm whether Adam Warlock would get his debut in Guardians of the Galaxy 3, but there is enough evidence to make fans feel confident about the debut. The director confirmed he had just started work on writing the third film, a timestamp which makes Warlock’s creation all the most suspect. And, during a later interview, Feige said that “if Warlock appears anywhere in the future, it’ll be in Guardians.”


In fact, Warlock was even teased in the first Guardians of the Galaxy. He was present in a cocoon which was a part of ‘The Collector’s’ precious collection. But no further teases have been given till now. It would be interesting to see whether any more hints are dropped towards the character in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.